Chanterelle Recipes

Chanterelle Pâté

This is a great recipe for using all of those extra chanterelles and pieces that may not be in the best condition - the dregs at the bottom of your foraging basket, the older ones that have been hanging out in the fridge, etc. They do need to be clean, though. Making chanterelle pâté is a nice way to feature the natural color and flavor of chanterelles. It's super rich, so it only takes a little. We eat it on crackers and bread and freeze what we don't use immediately.

Chanterelle Risotto

One more chanterelle recipe to finish up the season. My quality control (read guinea pig) says this one is "awesome".  It's a deliciously delicate combination of wild mushrooms and comfort... sort of a refined version of mac and cheese.  If you have chanterelles put away, this will make a great wintery weather soul warmer when you need it the most.

chanterelle bisque

This chanterelle soup recipe is really rich so it's great in small amounts as a first course.

Here in the Southern Appalachians, it's been a great summer for chanterelles. The constant rain coupled with stifling heat produced the steamy forest air that mushrooms love.

At one point we foraged 12 pounds of chanterelles in one trip.  We finally had to stop picking and take a rest. 

The bountiful harvest gave me lots of wild mushrooms to experiment with and this is one of my favorite recipes. This goes great with good crusty bread and a glass of dry red wine.