Handmade Stinging Nettle Pasta Recipe

stinging nettle pasta

Fresh stinging nettle is one of our most nutritious wild foods and makes a great cooked green, and it's also a perfect addition to fresh hand-made pasta.  Since it keeps its bright green color after cooking, it makes a beautiful and healthful pasta.


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If I've already dried my nettle: how would you advise I use it in making the pasta?

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You can try crushing your nettle and then add a tablespoon or two to the mix. You may want to reduce the amount of flour by the amount of nettle since you're adding the nettle dried. I would also add a little olive oil. You probably won't get the same intense green but I haven't tried this, so I'm not sure how it will work. Let me know if you try it.

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Hi, hope you dont mind me asking? But 2 T Butter... is that Teaspoons, Tablespoons or something else? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Marie, that's 2 tablespoons.

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