chanterelle bisque

This chanterelle soup recipe is really rich so it's great in small amounts as a first course.

Here in the Southern Appalachians, it's been a great summer for chanterelles.  The constant rain coupled with stifling heat produced the steamy forest air that mushrooms love.  At one point we foraged 12 pounds of chanterelles in one trip.  We finally had to stop picking and take a rest.  The bountiful harvest gave me lots of wild mushrooms to experiment with and this is one of my favorite recipes.  This goes great with good crusty bread and a glass of dry red wine. 


Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius), or "golden chanterelles," are perhaps the most well known wild mushrooms. They are sought after by chefs and foodies due to their delicate flavor, which is sometimes described as "mildly peppery." Chanterelles are easy to spot in the summer forest, as they usually range in color from yellow to deep orange. They can be as large as 5 inches in diameter, but 2 inches is closer to average. The cap is wavy and generally funnel shaped. The false gills appear as wrinkles that are forked and wavy with blunt edges and run down the stem.