Wild Mushroom Lasagna

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Wild mushroom lasagna

Wild mushrooms + pasta + cheese = nirvana! Could food get any better??? I may be a bit biased since I'm a fungus freak. Mushrooms are the stars on this plate. We happened to have a wild oyster mushroom flush about the same time we had a good flush of inoculated shiitakes. The morels were dried.

We've been experimenting with oysters for a while since we have so many growing wild around our place. They're one of the more commonly found wild mushrooms in this region that are safe for beginning foragers given there are no poisonous look-alikes here (although, as with any wild food, you should always be 100% sure what you're eating is what you think it is). Oyster mushrooms have a really nice flavor and meatiness that lends itself well to vegetarian lasagna, so it seemed like the perfect addition to this recipe.

Chickweed is just coming back in after the summer heat so we were anxious to welcome it back to the table. And it's still temperate enough for a few fresh herbs and veggies from the garden. You could say it was our tomatoes' last hurrah.

This recipe is an adaptation of Deborah Madison's wild mushroom lasagna in The Greens Cookbook. It's pretty complicated but it's not hard to make. The lasagna is awesome the way it is but try it with homemade nettle pasta if you want to really complicate things. 


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