Wood Sorrel and Sweet Onion Tart Recipe

Wood sorrel tart

Wood sorrel is one of those "weeds" that, once you've got it, you've got it everywhere. At least around our place. It grows in the garden, in flower beds, and generally all around the yard.

It's sometimes mistaken for clover but wood sorrel's sour, lemony flavor and heart-shaped, folded leaves set it apart. 

Harvesting and garbling wood sorrel is a tedious process, so it's really more of a treat, or a tea, than a staple. Leaves, flowers, and buds all work well. To process, strip everything (except brown or wilted parts) from the stem by hand and set aside until you have enough to use.

Sheep sorrel or French garden sorrel, both of which are easier to harvest and process, can be used, as well.

What makes this tart so tasty is the balance of sour from the sorrel, sweet from the onion, and savory from the cheese. 


Thea's picture

This blog is awesome Cindy and I may make this recipe for my upcoming Wild Foods lunch and credit you of course. I will also turn folks on to your blog. Thanks so much for sharing!

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Thank you!  Sounds great, I hope you have a great event!

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Hi Cindy. I find sorrel nearly impossible to find. I'll be hoping this tasty weed infects my garden. love your blog by the way..

Cindy's picture

Hi, Colm. Thank you for the kind words! May your garden be overrun with wood sorrel some day! :)

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